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"An outstanding ensemble"

New York Times

Dear Friends,

After ten glorious years of changing the way music is programmed and performed around us, Cantata Profana has closed its doors! 


We took a daring approach that not only earned us awards and critical acclaim, but best of all, fostered a new style of chamber music creation that has spread through the work of countless CP artists all over the world. We see the influence of CP everywhere! As CP's style and personality grew, so did the careers of our artists, with new appointments, teaching posts, performance positions, and artistic directorships. And so it was with a bit of a tear in our eyes, but mostly with joy and celebration in our hearts, that we celebrated Cantata Profana's final season in 2022-23 with a banner year of three raucous shows, spending the last of our funds on artists we love.


We are endlessly grateful to everyone who supported our vision for so many years. We hope you see this as we do — the happy result of too much good news for our artists as they embark on new chapters elsewhere.

Feeling nostalgic? Relive the magic by visiting our ARCHIVE, watching our best VIDEO PERFORMANCES, or purchasing our LIVE ALBUMS today!

With love, 

Jacob, Gleb, and all of us at Cantata Profana

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