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What is our Summer Streaming Festival?
We can't put on live shows right now, so we are opening up the vault to bring you never-before-seen videos of our favorite live shows, streamed weekly on our YouTube channel.

When can I watch?
Every Monday night we'll post a full show from our archives, and then you'll have seven days to watch online before the next show comes out. Tune in during the premiere to chat with us live!

Do I need a ticket?
Our festival is entirely free, no tickets required, but if you are inspired we are welcoming donations on our Support Page.

Whom should I invite?
Everyone you ever thought would like to see CP live! Now they can watch from all over the world without even getting off their couch. You can even make your own Watch Party and tune in together!

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Festival Schedule:

New shows premiere Mondays at 8pm and stay on YouTube until 11:59pm each Sunday. We open with Strange City, June 1st. 

This week's show:
Strange City
Originally filmed: 2018 at Dixon Place
Streaming Monday June 1 - Sunday June 7

Watch more: