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FALL-SPRING 2018-2019

JAN 18&19


St. Peter'S chelsea

Get ready for one of the most dramatic shows we've ever conceived. Intensely meditative and spiritual works of new and old music, culminating in a rare performance of Salvatore Sciarrino's brilliant, transcendent "Ecstasy in One Act," Infinito Nero. 30-minutes of punctuated silence and gripping suspense for singer and eight instruments, setting the utterances of a 17th century visionary saint, Maria Maddalena de Pazzi, who sputtered her words so quickly during her visions that it took eight scribes (hence the eight instruments) to write it all down. We can't wait to fill the beautiful and historic St. Peter's Church in Chelsea with fabulous lighting and beautiful design and direction. The whole program leads up to the Sciarrino with a series of transfixing and sometimes disturbing works by American experimentalist Alvin Lucier, spirit of the Russian resistance Galina Ustvolskaya, 17th century Italian renegade Tarquinio Merula, and more.

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